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“Sypeck affectionately peers behind the legends surrounding Charlemagne and magnificently chronicles four significant years in the emperor’s life…paints a splendid portrait of the emperor’s various supporters…offers dazzling glimpses of Charlemagne’s life and times.”
          - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (starred review)
“Debunking the myths that surround legendary figures is a tricky business, but Sypeck acknowledges the allure of the ways in which Charlemagne and his era have been romanticized, mitigating the sting and turning it into an educational opportunity.  Illuminates the shadowy corners of an era shrouded in the mists of legend.”
                                 - KIRKUS REVIEWS
“Shortening the distance to medieval history and imaginatively lifting its obscuring mists, Sypeck creates a vibrant Charlemagne narrative...an inspired, instantly readable work of popular history.”
                                 - BOOKLIST

“Sypeck…laces together tales of prominent eighth-century figures who influenced Karl…Aimed at a general audience, this short, well-written book tells the story very accessibly and is highly recommended for all libraries.”
                                                   - LIBRARY JOURNAL

“Jeff Sypeck has given readers a vivid and marvelously readable look at the life and times of Charlemagne. The great king of the Franks and the people around him truly come to life in this wonderful story.”
                 - Philip Mitchell Freeman, author of ST. PATRICK OF IRELAND
                                           and THE PHILOSOPHER AND THE DRUIDS

“Not only does Jeff Sypeck skillfully recreate the sights, sounds, and multiple cultures of Carolingian Europe, he also provides a fascinating account of the international political currents that made Charlemagne’s coronation an event of world historical significance.  An impressive exercise of historical imagination.” 
                              - Richard E. Rubenstein, author of
                                             ARISTOTLE’S CHILDREN